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Tin of Dish Soap

Tin of Dish Soap

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Our Tin of Dish Soap is an all-natural cleaning solution that offers gentle and long-lasting results. Perfect for daily use, the natural solid dish soap effectively removes grease and food residue, leaving dishes clean and streak-free. 

Our Dish Soap Bar is tough on grease, but incredibly gentle on hands. It is also biodegradable and zero waste! Formulated with all natural ingredients, this bar is perfect for anyone who suffers from the drying effects of commercial dish detergents. It is moisturizing and effective.

For best results, combine with the Wash Sponge and Wooden Soap Rack.

Ingredients: Sodium Tallowate, Coco Glucoside, Pure Essential Oils of Tea Tree and Lemongrass.

Largest Size 8oz

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