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Fabric Freshness

Fabric Freshness

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Fabric Freshness

Fabric Freshness harnesses the power of essential oils to naturally freshen the air and fabric. It eliminates odours, leaving a pleasant and long-lasting scent behind. The oil-infused formula provides up to two months of air and fabric freshness, ensuring you and your family can breathe easy.

Fabric Freshness is a natural fabric deodorizer designed to invigorate the air around you and freshen up linens and other soft fittings between washes. This spray uses essential oils for antibacterial purposes, eliminating odours naturally.  Use as a general room spray or on anything from clothing and bedding, to couches and drapes. It is also suitable for use on sports equipment (goodbye, smelly hockey bag!), in the car, even on pet beds! Spray on your clothing while ironing to leave an appealing and therapeutic scent on your fabric. The possibilities are endless!

It is safe for all fabrics, with natural antibacterial properties. Available in three soothing scents, there is something here for everyone!

Grandma's Garden Family Favourite... Always have a bottle in the bathroom! ;) 

  • safe for all fabrics
  • made without synthetic fragrance
  • biodegradable
  • antibacterial
  • freshens air
  • eco-friendly

Refreshing Cool: Pure Essential Oils of Peppermint and Grapefruit. 

Original Scent: Pure Essential Oils of Tea Tree and Lemongrass. 

Sweet Floral: Pure Essential Oils of Lavender and Ylang Ylang. 


Ingredients: Water, Essential Oils, Natural Solubilizer, Alcohol. 

Each bottle contains 250ml

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