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100% Wool Dryer Balls

100% Wool Dryer Balls

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100% Wool Dryer Balls offer a chemical-free way to dry your clothing naturally. These efficient dryer balls reduce drying time, static cling, and lint buildup on clothing, allowing you to save time and money while taking a more eco-friendly approach to laundry.

100% Wool Dryer Balls

Made of pure New Zealand wool these dryer balls are a wonderful addition to your drying routine. The tumbling of the dryer moves the (3) balls through the laundry, and helps to soften laundry, shorten drying time, and the wool reduces static. The dense felted wool balls can be used repeatedly over many years, and adding drops of Grandma's Garden Dryer Freshness will produce pleasant mild scents, without the chemicals and coating polymers of dryer sheets. Packaged in quantities of 3 large (3 inch) balls. 

 Use: Add wool balls to dryer with clean laundry, dry as usual. 

Pro Tip: If you have used these repeatedly and find they are not reducing static as much, you should recharge them. In order to do this, place them in a bowl of hot water with a heavy plate on top to submerse them for  about 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can put them through a hot wash cycle. Then, toss them in the dryer (with or without a load of laundry;)). Drying time may be more for this process. Afterwards, the wool is regenerated and the recharge process is complete.  


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