This Is Us

Grandma's Garden began over a decade ago when Sheila, our founder, realized that there simply were no options readily available for families seeking to reduce the number of toxins in the home. By taking a time-tested, traditional family soap recipe and modifying it into her own laundry soap, Sheila was able to create a product that not only worked phenomenally, but was rooted in personal values and eco-friendliness.

These values now mean more to us than ever. Tragically, Sheila's infant daughter, Adeline, passed away at just four months old. We are truly a company that values family, health, and natural products. We are driven to provide only the best.

A product from Grandma's Garden is all natural biodegradable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and most of all, safe for your entire family. After all, if you're going clean, why not start with your soap?