Relaxation is Self-care

Relaxation is Self-care

Once upon a time, taking time for yourself was greedy. It meant that you were selfish, self absorbed, and arrogant. Thank GOD that stereotype has changed.

We now know that, taking time to ourselves to do something relaxing and peaceful is a means to giving back to ourselves so that we can be better. A better friend, wife, mother, employee. But most importantly, we can be better, for Ourself.

 Relaxing with a book and cozy blanket - self-care

That is what I want for all. It is why I created the Sheila Rose product line. If you love a relaxing spa night (morning or afternoon!) but find that you may be doing more harm to yourself by adding commercial bubble bath, then I've got what you need! Our bubbles are made from natural sources. They contain Aloe Vera, and uplifting essential oils. 

And if you're looking for a bath product that may help with some detoxification, our bath salts will do the trick. It is a combination of minerals known for their ability to provide a relaxing and calming experience. Adding Sheila Rose, Bath Salts to your bath not only simulates the calming effect of lying on a warm saltwater beach but it will also ease pain, melt away stress, reduce fatigue and improve emotional health. 

Sheila Rose Bath Salts

There are so many optimal reasons to lock the door, turn the lights down low, and play some spa music. The results are fantastic when you choose health conscience products. Your body, mind and soul will thank you!

Natural Bubble Bath

I encourage you to check out the Sheila Rose bath set that includes Bath Salts, Bubbles, a natural hand poured wood-wick candle, and a sea sponge. It is the ultimate relaxation all conveniently ready for gift giving!


Sheila Rose


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